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Sabtu, 21 Agustus 2010 ·

This article will become one of the most annoying types of allergies to discuss, especially for us animal lovers - allergies to pets and what you can do to reduce allergens produced by the animals company.

The sad reality is that 10-15% of all people worldwide suffer from some type of allergy, pet animals are not only annoying, but can be potentially dangerous if the allergy is very serious. allergies to cats are actually twice as common for dog allergies. The body reacts to the animals is caused by a specific protein in animal saliva, urine or dander. People are not actually allergic to animal hair, but the allergen, a cat's fur, carpets, furniture, sticks, virtually anywhere your pet a. These microscopic skin cells travel through the air. In fact, studies show that these allergens in the air, also has three years remaining, after an animal that has been done at home.

Many people wonder if there are races that people are not allergic. The answer, like all animals, have dead skin, there are no races who are not allergic. People may be more tolerance for certain breeds than others, but there is no such thing as a 100% non-allergenic. All animals produce a certain amount of allergens, although a small amount. Allergy symptoms even build with time after handling or proximity to an animal, according to the first peak of about 12 hours. Even Start as a pet for the life of the person's home allergens accumulate, and a person who has no symptoms when handling the animal in the store to buy start showing symptoms occurred after the pass at home for a time was general one day.

So what is the answer for those who have a pet but are allergic? What can you do for a pet? Unfortunately, the only thing you can do, try to reduce your exposure to allergens. You will not get completely rid of the situation. One thing you can do is try to prevent accumulation of allergens to your furniture with plastic mattress and pillow covers. Replace carpets with hardwood floors and carpets washable. Clean the house as often as possible. Make sure the vacuum with a HEPA filter that has other allergens are only propagated in the end always in the air. Your pet must be completely out of your room. This can be difficult for an animal lover is true, but essential. If you take your pet toothbrush, a face mask. Then change your clothes immediately afterward. Unfortunately, the success rate of allergy injections and other treatments for allergies to pets, only 50%. However, at present, a vaccine for humans is being tested allergic to cats. This may be an important advance in the future.

Until then, really is not much you can do. If your allergies are severe, it is probably better to keep a pet fish.

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